Strategic Support

Exoro MPS believes that developing a good strategic plan for your mining project in the early stages of the life cycles provides the best outcome for your project. The strategy requires regular monitoring and modification to keep it current and appropriate for the environment, project phase and you.

Strategic planning is important to determine all the possible outcomes at various stages and the impact on the ultimate project.  Examples include: key drivers such as rock characteristics, shortage of skilled labour or equipment, changes in revenue or other key assumptions.

Strategic Support includes:

Technical Advice – Exoro MPS can provide technical advice for many aspects of a project or operating mine.  We can identify the issues, plan the investigation and scope the works to find a solution.

Peer Reviews – A knowledgeable, experienced Exoro MPS Project Manager can provide an independent review of the overall project or individual aspects of the project.

Conceptual Studies – A back of the envelope study to investigate "what ifs" for your project.  This is important in early exploration stages to help identify the size of the prize, the resources and effort required to deliver the 'what if' scenario.  Examples include:  What if; the metal price doubled, the resource tripled, extended underground, merged with another producer, etc.  These are chunky high level scenarios that assist with providing a direction for the strategy.

Scoping Studies A +/-50% study completed at resource stage to identify; key drivers, a potential value, and cash flow and development timeline for the project, to be used for business planning purposes.  Exoro MPS has two Scoping Study projects; the first based on a volumetric and single grade estimate, the second based on a resource model.

Due Diligence Reports The process of investigation, performed by investors, into the details of a potential investment, such as an examination of operations and management and verification of material facts.

Project Management – Exoro MPS can project manage many aspects of your project including; reserve estimates, predevelopment studies, optimisation studies, infrastructure projects, development of business plans, business planning and reporting systems, etc.

Exoro MPS Strategic Support will provide a logical strategy based on years of project development experience from around the world.  The strategy will be adaptable to dynamic commodity, regulatory, economic and political conditions, enabling you to take opportunities that present themselves or minimise the risk to the project.  It will also provide corporate memory continuity to your project allowing for stage and people transitions that will occur within your organisation.

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