Mine Engineering

Mine Engineering is most commonly required from the mine development stage of the mine life cycle and requires a high level of skill, knowledge and process logic to deliver on key outcomes.  Exoro MPS has mine engineering skills and experience in many environments and over many commodities that can be utilised from the Feasibility to Production phase of the project.

Solid dependable mine engineering is required to ensure the mine project meets strategic objectives during all project phases to mitigate risk and optimise mine profitability.

Exoro MPS understands the technical needs of each project phase. It has systems that minimise the rework across phases by ensuring information and key drivers are addressed early in the project and carried through to the final phases where they are measured and monitored to provide predictable results.

Mine Engineering includes:

Life of Mine (LOM) planning – A plan to maximise profitability in extracting the known resources.

Budgets – Establishment of mine budgets for the project. Exoro MPS can incorporate automated consolidated modelling where budgets are developed by your area managers and then collated into site budgets and further integrated into corporate models.

Mine Design – Detailed or high level mine design services are based in Gemcom Surpac software and can be exported for use in other mine design software packages. Design capabilities include surface and underground mines.

Mine Scheduling – Exoro MPS can deliver short, long term or even complex multi-deposit mining or production schedules for both underground and surface mining situations.


Fleet Selection - To optimise your mining fleet selection, Exoro MPS can help with equipment performance based scheduling and then cost estimation reporting tools to compare fleet performance.  The same principal applies for design, layout or operating timing reviews.

Simulations - Exoro MPS can offer schedule simulations as bottleneck solving techniques.

Costings – Cost estimates for projects or infrastructure driven by unit based assumptions to enable full scenario analysis.

Mining Contracts – Exoro MPS can develop mining contractor cost models for you or review your current situation and provide advice on future direction to ensure that you are getting the best mining contract rates possible.


Exoro MPS has systems that establish reporting back to the mine project model for simple performance measurements on short and long term timelines.

The use of Exoro MPS for these services will provide an auditable result that can be measured against future phases of the mine life cycle.  Therefore, variations, changes or impacts can be measured and reported.  We will work with you to ensure that it fits in with the overall strategic objects of the project.


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