Technical Services

Technical Services are the systems, processes, procedures and training necessary to complete mine planning for ongoing mining operations, provide mine instructions to mine operators and report back on expected versus actual results. 

At the early stage of production there is a heightened focus on results and the comparison to planned outcomes that have been communicated to stakeholders during the feasibility stage.

Exoro MPS has developed Surpac based mine planning and reporting systems that simplify forecasting reporting for both surface and underground mines.  The base systems can be upgraded to suit your requirements and are easily implemented on site at the appropriate project phase.

Implementing Exoro MPS technical systems will ensure the planning and reporting can be conducted from day one.  All the standards, procedures and training will be in place allowing technical staff to focus on delivery of the project results.

Technical Services include:

Planning Systems – Exoro MPS has a Mine Planning System based on Surpac software that provides key planning processes of design change management, mining instructions, mine scheduling and reconciliation for both open pit and underground mining.  Other more complex options can be added to suit the particular mining environment if required.  An example is the Sirovision/Kalabidata grade control system for underground management.

Reporting Systems – Exoro MPS has established reporting systems that provide for recording actual daily production data and the reporting of this on a time basis and comparing results to budgets and forecasts.  This is useful to provide a trend analysis to determine if intervention is required to the plan.

Ventilation Services – Exoro MPS can provide personnel to plan and then complete your underground ventilation obligations.  A mining engineer will plan the survey based on the supplied mine survey data.  An Exoro MPS technician will travel to site fully equipped to complete the ventilation survey.  The data will be recorded back in Perth and a Ventilation Survey Plan with comments will be sent to the Ventilation Officer on site.

Dust Suppression – Exoro MPS has the rights to distribute FOG SYSTEMS GMBH equipment within Australia. This equipment produces man made FOG that creates float able particles of water that can be used for cooling, humidity control, dust suppression or for special effects.

The engagement of Exoro MPS technical services will deliver the systems, procedures and training for your staff to complete the development and production phases of the project.  It will provide you with quality, dependable information from day one at low cost and management effort.  It has the potential to save on technical services infrastructure costs and lower ultimate technical services costs for the producing mine by reducing technical staff numbers required on site. Recruitment issues and personnel management requirements are also reduced allowing senior management to focus on the real issues for the mine, not the support side of the project.